Friday, September 6, 2013

Sketch Challenge at Anna's Craft Cupboard

I have been a busy little beaver and created a whole 2 pages yesterday hahaha. 

My second page was for Anna's Craft Cupboard September Sketch Challenge where I have created a page using some of the photos i took at Pinks Truth About Love Concert.

When I first printed out my Pink photos I went shopping and bought a couple ranges of paper and a few embellishments that I plan to use on all my Pink pages. Through the pages I have completed I have used Pink Twine, the Multi-coloured washi and the ticket paper (cut into strips) on every page. 

 Up at the concert they were selling pink badges and purchased a pack to use on the pages there were only 5 in the pack and at this moment there are only 2 left :( but I am glad i got them and can add them to the pages and say that they were actually from the concert.


  1. awesome tait i havent used my buttons yet i forgot i had them

  2. Thanks yea they are awesome, and i just fill up the back with hot glue as there is the pin part that way it sticks good and doesnt move around :D