Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some scrap pages and a lost dog

Well I have completed two scrapbook pages today and also one last night which I would like to showcase for you now.

The first is the page i completed last night of my cat Pippin

This is the first page I completed today, for my best friend, I haven't printed the photo yet so thats why there is no photo on the page.

This the last page I completed yesterday for a new challenge blog opening up

and last but not least the lost dog we found today a pretty cute little girl who looks to be crossed with a schnauzer


  1. that dog was on my front porch yesterday morning for about 1 hour just laying there ...
    dont tell me your keeping it ...hahahaha

  2. No we gave it to the ranger this morning.

  3. OOhhh poor little critter!! Hope its owners find it!! Love your blog!! Your LO's are great! Look forward to seeing more!!